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sweeten / подслащивать, сластить, освежать
sweeten, dulcify, sugar
refresh, freshen, freshen up, recreate, refurnish, sweeten
make or become sweet or sweeter, especially in taste.
a cup of coffee sweetened with saccharin
Maybe used to sweeten the teacher up if you've misbehaved?
Catholics dominate the lower levels of the party, so to get on a young, aspiring politician has to sweeten these people.
The pair, who will dodge mine fields in Senegal and sweeten border officials with a supply of football T-shirts, will travel across France and Spain before catching the boat to Morocco and heading south to Banjul.
Soak (don't boil) them in water for at least half an hour and sweeten to taste (ideally with honey).
Once the juice has cooled, remove the flavourings and sweeten to taste.
Labour accused Environment Minister Martin Cullen of being like Santa Claus for trying to sweeten voters when he announces the €19.5 million urban renewal and Border grant package today.
In other words, people sometimes sweeten their stories, particularly if there is a financial incentive.
there is no way to sweeten the statement
When people want to sweeten something bitter, they add something sweet.
I forgive him because he has enough style to try and sweeten me with champagne.