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sweetcorn / сахарная кукуруза
имя существительное
сахарная кукуруза
имя существительное
corn of a variety with kernels that have a high sugar content. It is grown for human consumption and is harvested while slightly immature.
I asked for the recipe for their Cream of sweetcorn with hazelnut & cured duck ham soup, but they wouldn't give it to me so I'm going to have to experiment to try and recreate it.
Serve with baby sweetcorn and sugar-snap peas.
The yellow pigments zeaxanthin and lutein in sweetcorn , which are not destroyed by the canning process, have been linked to reducing the risk of age-related blindness.
Consider a tablespoon of oil - olive or sunflower or whatever - which you might typically use to stir-fry your mange tout or baby sweetcorn .
They were farmers of arid land who built adobe houses in cliffs, grew miniature sweetcorn and squash, wove baskets and made beautiful clay pots.
Bill brought fresh blueberries that his sister had picked, and fantastic fresh, tender sweetcorn from his neighbour's garden - a real treat.
The tiny specks of red are pepper; the little yellow lumps of something that looks like fossilised baby teeth are sweetcorn .
The first year I grew sweetcorn the crop was fabulous, and in my naivety I believed it was all down to me, following those instructions to the letter and demonstrating my growing feel for, well, growing things.
The cathedral-sized plane trees were shading them, too, and they too could enjoy the view out onto rolling vineyards and fields of sweetcorn and sunflowers.
Last month, the EU authorised a GM sweetcorn for human consumption, lifting a de facto moratorium on the authorisation on such new products in place since 1999.