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sweet-and-sour / кисло-сладкий
имя прилагательное
(especially of Chinese-style food) cooked in a sauce containing sugar and either vinegar or lemon.
In Norway the grated root is mixed in with whipped sweet-and-sour cream, vinegar, and sugar; this sauce is called pepperrotsaus and is served with cold boiled fish, in particular salmon.
Depending on your selection, these mains may be sautéed with veggies, bathed in sweet-and-sour or spicy sauces and seasoned with Thai basil, lime leaves, citronella, ginger or yellow or red curry.
But another starter of vegetarian spring rolls was soggy and their sweet-and-sour dip verged on the sickly.
The rabbit à la flamande comes off the burner with a stewed sweet-and-sour taste.
This gives La Ravane one of the strangest menus I've ever seen - you'll find meatballs, curries, sweet-and-sour fish, Creole steaks and kulfi ice cream all sharing space on its pages.
Its sweet-and-sour taste complemented the exotic flavours perfectly.
Fillet of beef, however, is worth relishing in a sweet-and-sour purée of roasted carrot and horseradish.
There was no stinting on the amount of king scallops or monkfish tail, both of which were nicely cooked, but the orange-and-fennel sauce was an unpalatable sweet-and-sour diversion.
There was a lot of it, perfectly cooked and served with a gigantic green-lip mussel and a beautifully sweet-and-sour Madeira salsa.
It's a tantalising, sherbety, sweet-and-sour effect.
Examples of mycorrhizal fungi include truffles and Auricularia, the mushroom which flavors sweet-and-sour soup.