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sweepstake / тотализатор, пари на скачках
имя существительное
tote, sweepstakes, totalizator, totalizer, sweepstake, sweep
пари на скачках
sweepstakes, sweepstake, sweep
We started a £30 sweepstake for the winner and got to pick two contestants each at random.
Some believe in a God who makes traffic lights turn green, who turns lottery tickets into sweepstake winners, and turns rain on a picnic day into sun.
Back in the old days, when you entered a horse racing sweepstake you knew that only the person who drew the winning horse actually won anything.
In 1883, Pukekura Park board member James Davis drew the horse The Poet in a sweepstake on an Auckland race.
A sweepstake was held among rugby scribes in Sydney for the final between Australia and some other mob, the money going to the correspondent predicting the correct score, or nearest.
A couple of senior pupils stop to rattle a tin of coins and show their money-making capabilities, with a long list of people who've taken sweepstake tickets at $2 a pop.
Every year for as long as I can remember my mum and dad and us kids always picked out a horse we liked the sound of and did a family sweepstake , the one whose horse came closest to winning, won the kitty.
The speeches were numerous, but crucially short (the sweepstake winner had plumped for 33 minutes), and the perennial post-reception disco was splendid.
Yesterday workers up and down the country were pooling their spare change in sweepstake competitions as more dedicated racing enthusiasts prepared to make the trip to Aintree.
With an objective of maximizing benefit heterogeneity, one promotion tool per quadrant was selected, namely premium, sweepstake , and price reduction.