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sweeper / уборщик, подметальщик, трубочист
имя существительное
cleaner, janitor, sweeper, swabber
chimney sweep, sweep, sweeper, chimney sweeper
имя существительное
a person or device that cleans a floor or road by sweeping.
Two days ago I saw road sweepers and contractors cleaning the streets around Chessington and Hook and doing a good job of it.
a small nocturnal shoaling fish of reefs and coastal waters, occurring chiefly in the tropical Indo-Pacific.
Around the pinnacles, lionfish and coral groupers lay ready to apprehend stragglers from the shoals of sweepers , while yellow-mouthed moray eels poked their heads from gaps in the coral as I passed.
We acknowledge there are problems but I've been assured that there is a road sweeper cleaning the road twice a day.
Charlie was a farm labourer for half his life, and a road sweeper and maintenance worker for East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the rest.
But a body found floating in the River Stour, near Sudbury has now been identified as the missing 49-year-old, who worked for Colchester Council as a road sweeper driver.
Bagenalstown is to get a new ‘green machine’ - a mechanical sweeper to clean the streets of the town.
a street sweeper
I'm a road sweeper employed by an agency, and working at Newham council in east London.
Entirely encrusted with corals, Mawali is a lively reef, sheltering huge scorpionfish, nudibranchs, sweepers , flower groupers, lionfish and harlequin ghost pipefish.
The Pipehouse depot of bin workers and road sweepers was at a complete standstill.
Guards, policemen, cleaning ladies and road sweepers will all be dancing in the street this weekend to launch the BBC's marketing campaign for The Queen's Golden Jubilee.
Kennet District Council has taken three mechanical road sweepers out of service after they continually broke down.