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sweep / подметать, мести, сметать
sweep, sweep out, broom
sweep, broom
sweep away, sweep, clean down, rake
имя существительное
scope, range, sweep, swing, spread, amplitude
wave, stroke, swing, sway, sweep, wag
coverage, sweep, reach, envelopment, incidence, comprehension
имя существительное
a long, swift, curving movement.
a grandiose sweep of his hand
a comprehensive search or survey of a place or area.
the police finished their sweep through the woods
a long, typically curved stretch of road, river, country, etc..
we could see a wide sweep of country perhaps a hundred miles across
a sweepstake.
an instance of winning every event, award, or place in a contest.
a World Series sweep
clean (an area) by brushing away dirt or litter.
I've swept the floor
move swiftly and smoothly.
a large black car swept past the open windows
a big, heavy sweep oar
George, a brilliant if self absorbed painter, might possess the artistic vision to transform a group of hooligans into a band of angels with a single sweep of his brush.
the police finished their sweep through the woods
The journey back downstream was even more exhilarating as the force of the water at the various cascades threatened to sweep you off your feet.
Bhim, our Nepalese boatman on the sweep oar, skillfully hauls the raft around so that we hit the wave bow-on.
Ruskin's View, of which the poet waxed lyrical in 1816, is worth a visit and takes in the sweep of the river Lune and nearby Calf Top and Crag Hill.
From here the ridge broadens out in a wide sweep all the way to the huge cairn on Carn Eighe.
He pulled me in a wide sweep across the tarmac, as far away as possible from our prison.
The narrative is part humorous, part melancholy, and at times so funny that readers have tended if anything to underrate its sombre, even tragic, sweep and range.
When coal fires were the norm, households would employ a sweep to ensure their chimneys were spotlessly clean.