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swede / брюква
имя существительное
swede, rutabaga, Swedish turnip, swede turnip
имя существительное
a native or inhabitant of Sweden, or a person of Swedish descent.
Over here there's a few Swedes and Finns discussing strategy in their native tongues.
Peel the celeriac and cut it into 0.5cm cubes, like a swede .
All the main courses came with vegetables, on this occasion garden peas, sugar snap peas, swede batons and new potatoes.
Some grass is grown on the farm for hay or silage, together with swede , turnip or kale for winter forage because grass growth declines drastically in the winter.
Steam them for mash (butter, salt, maybe some fried onions on top) or add them to the vegetable basics of a stew (carrot, swede , celery and onion) and let their sweetness flavour the broth.
Finely dice the onion, and cut the potato and swede into 1cm pieces.
Sarah had kedgeree which looked gorgeous but I didn't taste it, and Peter had pot-roasted lamb with swede .
The dish of vegetables that accompanied our meal was generous, too: roasted and boiled potatoes, swede , green beans, carrots and mange-tout: all freshly cooked and all managing to retain their flavour.
My lamb was excellent, the meat tasty and perfectly-cooked, on a bed of couscous with chunks of veg including swede and peppers, again perfectly-done, mixed in with it.
Terry's tamarind oxtail braised with dates and lychees came with Southland swede .
It comes into its own when mashed and mixed with carrot or swede .