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sweatsuit / тренировочный костюм
имя существительное
тренировочный костюм
имя существительное
a suit consisting of a sweatshirt and sweatpants, worn when exercising or as leisurewear.
While dressing sporty has little to do with the industry you're in, wearing baggy jeans, sweatsuits , and pro-team apparel has more to do with your attitude than the sports team on your jersey.
In the locker room she peeled off her sweatsuit and put it and her bag in an empty locker.
Despite the cold, he huddled under the rock and stripped down, replacing the soaked jeans and shirts with the sweatsuit .
But when it comes to putting on the workout gear and picking up the weights, well, most of us just throw on the sneakers and sweatsuit - and head to the mall or the couch.
I would go to sleep in my sweatsuit , wool socks, and even a balaclava.
As soon as the doors opened, I saw a balding man in a sweatsuit waving the sports section of a newspaper around and shouting frantically into his cell phone.
I half expected to see an old white man dressed in a velour sweatsuit with a diamond stud in his ear and gold ones in his grill walk off the bus.
He was bearded and looking like he hasn't changed his sweatsuit in three weeks.
He claimed she was blindfolded and sent into the ocean at Dockweiler Beach dressed in a heavy sweatsuit , socks and tennis shoes.
I can remember him entering the rehearsal on his knees, apologizing for being late, with a cowboy hat and a velour sweatsuit and sunglasses.
Putting on a wetsuit or drysuit is like wearing a sweatsuit ; your body starts losing moisture even if you're feeling quite cold, and you are unlikely to be aware of it.