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sweat / пот, испарина, тяжелый труд
имя существительное
sweat, perspiration, elbow grease, water
perspiration, sweat, transudation, transpiration
тяжелый труд
toil, sweat, travail, slavery
sweat, perspire, water
sweat, perspire
имя существительное
moisture exuded through the pores of the skin, typically in profuse quantities as a reaction to heat, physical exertion, fever, or fear.
Too much heat and sweat can make your skin more irritated and itchy.
exude sweat.
he was sweating profusely
heat (chopped vegetables) slowly in a pan with a small amount of fat, so that they cook in their own juices.
sweat the celery and onions with olive oil and seasoning
subject (metal) to surface melting, especially to fasten or join by solder without a soldering iron.
the tire is sweated onto the wooden parts
sweat tops and bottoms
Body odour is the smell caused by bacteria feeding on sweat on the skin, especially in the armpit and groin area.
Add the mushrooms, stir gently until they begin to sweat , then add the milk, stirring again.
even thinking about him made me break out in a sweat
She forced herself to stop coughing, but her face was red and beaded with sweat from the fever.
Wearing moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics that draw sweat away from the skin and allow heat to escape can be a significant help.
Heat 50g of the butter and a little olive oil in a casserole, then, over a medium heat, sweat the onions and garlic for five minutes.
I let her sweat for a while, then I asked her out again
Gently heat oil in sauté pan and add shallots; sweat over low heat five minutes.
In another large saucepan, melt the butter, add the onions and sweat until soft, but not brown.