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swatch / образчик ткани
имя существительное
образчик ткани
имя существительное
a small sample of fabric intended to demonstrate the look of a larger piece.
We come to the house with all our materials, colour and fabric swatches and can usually go through each room within the one session.
apply a sample of (paint, makeup, etc.) to a surface or one's skin to test or demonstrate the color.
I got the polishes yesterday, and I've swatched them all
I come with my swatch books and some drawing paper.
Always test for stiffness or discoloration by dabbing sealant on a fabric swatch or a seamline before applying it to your project.
I was both a cool and deep dude, but predominantly cool - and a swatch book of 33 of these qualifying hues was ‘my colour.’
She measures them up and they look through a style portfolio and swatch book.
There were tears running down my cheeks as I tore off a swatch from my trusty old shirt and wrapped the pieces inside.
From a middle distance, they could be of anything - the inside of an oyster, a swatch of fabric.
On her left shoulder was a swatch of bright woolen fabric woven in the colors of white, red, blue and green.
As a further incentive, include a swatch of material (in gold, red, or tweed, for example) from which to base individual outfits.
Most retailers can get you a sample swatch or will allow you to check out the book for an evening.
They were about to throw out a swatch of material they found in my remaining sneaker, but I grabbed it and stuffed it back in my fancy leather shoes before they could open it and find my heart.