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swastika / свастика
имя существительное
swastika, fylfot
имя существительное
an ancient symbol in the form of an equal-armed cross with each arm continued at a right angle, used (in clockwise form) as the emblem of the German Nazi Party.
Israeli and German diplomats have lashed out at a Hong Kong fashion company for using swastikas and other Nazi party symbols.
Nazi symbols including the swastika are already banned in Germany.
But such groups are forbidden to deny that the Holocaust occurred and to display Nazi symbols such as the swastika .
The religious factor, with all the cross symbols, the Star of David, the Nazi swastika and all.
In fact, the Nazi party appropriated the swastika as part of its drive to construct a political identity around a mythical German race.
The swastika is a popular emblem of good luck in Hindu and Buddhist culture.
Hitler turned the swastika into a striking political symbol and wreaked devastation beneath it.
This did not have the Christian cross as its symbol but the swastika .
And incidentally, it's in India where the ancient symbol of the swastika originated.
The last swastika on a German public building has been stolen just before officials were going to remove it.
The attackers spraypainted a swastika and other Nazi graffiti on the walls.