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swarthy / смуглый, темный, темнолицый
имя прилагательное
dark, swarthy, dusky, brown, black, swart
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, swarthy
имя прилагательное
she looked frail standing next to her strong and swarthy brother
Other swarthy writer types, wistful wayward dreamers, my room-mates, a couple of co-workers, my own current female interest.
The Port Authority, located on 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, the only area of town left that has peep show booths for a quarter, is the crossroads of all that is grimy, swarthy and addicted.
He looks like a gigolo, or a drug lord, or some other kind of swarthy lowlife.
While one side of his face had the swarthy beauty of a fallen angel, the left half was marred by a thick, puckered scar running from temple to chin.
As in the Kennedy-Nixon debates, this one seemed to be more about style than substance; unlike Kennedy and Nixon, the swarthy guy in the ill-fitting suit seemed to get the upper hand.
In just two short minutes, Kevin Murphy's sweet Irish tenor transports the viewer into the automated heart of a lonely robot in lust with a swarthy actress of unknown national origins.
Those two swarthy fellows you can't tell apart are Ajab and Gurdeep, who with their wives, Fariba and Anna (who are also twins) run the galley.
The one on his feet was staring outside, clutching an AK - 47, and he had the swarthy complexion and broad features of someone at least part-Indian.
We have lunch at a place called Christophe, which was opposite a working-class joint, where swarthy men sat behind a grill filled with roasting sausages.
One movie involves cute little nerdy kids while the other involves swarthy , gamblers hunched over large piles of chips?