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sward / газон, дерн, покров
имя существительное
lawn, grass, sward
turf, sod, divot, greensward, sward
cover, covering, veil, coat, blanket, sward
покрывать травой
покрывать дерном
sward, grass
засаживать газон
имя существительное
an expanse of short grass.
Farmers tell him that livestock graze the sward very tightly so there is no wastage.
He also says that the prairie includes ‘waving ground, necessarily of good soil, from the beautiful sward of grass rising from it.’
This reduces the proportion of grass in the brassica-grass sward , which is not always advantageous.
The standing sward of rye, clovers, and fescues is increasingly varied with herbs like dock and comfrey, which help pull nutrients up from the subsoil.
Who could endure without fear if he saw the stars of heaven and the firmament itself rushing down and falling before him on the swarded surface of the earth?
Silent, with heads uncovered, the travelers, nearer approaching, Knelt on the swarded floor, and joined in the evening devotions.
Thus the potential nutritive value of uncut silage swards is limited, and the emphasis must now be on conserving them as an edible feedstuff.