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swap / обмен, сделка, перекачка
имя существительное
exchange, swap, metathesis, interchange, trade, truck
deal, transaction, bargain, trade, business, swap
swap, swop
exchange, swap, truck, swop
change, vary, alter, switch, shift, swap
swap, trade, change, interchange, swop, swoop
change, vary, alter, switch, shift, swap
swap, swop
exchange, swap, trade, change, barter, interchange
имя существительное
an act of exchanging one thing for another.
let's do a swap
take part in an exchange of.
we swapped phone numbers
While the Metrolink extension has run into a funding block, transport chiefs have revealed another secret weapon in the fight to get drivers to swap their cars for public transport.
For now, file traders should swap with caution.
That suggests that Hutton will head the primary vote for the also rans, so unless something weird happens with preference swaps , he should be on his way to Canberra.
For people destined to seethe in traffic jams or to spend hours on packed public transport every weekday, swapping the rat race for an idyllic life in the country can seem like the easy option.
The teenager told police he had no personal interest in pictures of children so young but liked images of girls around his own age and used the others as swaps .
If you have a few extras in your own vomit bag collection, you can even swap with Fred to get one step closer to a complete set.
The keyboard player seems to have cut through an electric cable, but the rest of the band don't notice. To illustrate the song, the band all effect costume swaps , like the quick change artists of music hall.
‘API swaps are only valuable in the short term,’ he says.
Although the home-exchange agencies don't vet potential swappers , they do operate a monitoring system.
It may fuel speculation in some parts that GMG, with its extensive media interests, could be among those to offer its radio businesses in an asset swap .