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swansong / лебединая песнь
имя существительное
лебединая песнь
имя существительное
a person's final public performance or professional activity before retirement.
he has decided to make this tour his swan song
Hot on the heels of this announcement she released Travelogue, a supposed swansong wherein she re-tooled her own works with a stellar cast of jazzers and placed them in an orchestral setting.
But if he wins, he wants a rematch with Wladimir, who he knocked out last March, as a swansong to his career.
Although Room 40 was his swansong in intelligence work, his disciples worked on and emerged during the next war as Churchill's secret stars.
The member who sponsored this bill, which I call her swansong , is unaware of the support that the public in general has for the current Smoke-free Environments Act.
I prepared myself for one last shot, my swansong , my final foray.
But as a properly copy-edited and designed book, with all that means for contents and appearance, this is as fine a swansong as one could wish for.
Dean Holdsworth has turned his back on a Serie A swansong to his career by signing a new two-year contract with Bolton Wanderers.
The finale provides an apt swansong with a hypnotic vocal mantra that builds into a potent cadenza reminiscent of the early Doves, but customised by piercing percussive jabs.
This was their first time to play in this grade and the final must surely have been the swansong for such long-serving players as Mark Kavanagh and Mick Lillis.
Tonight's cup final was meant to be his swansong after a medal-laden career in Sunday morning football spanning a quarter of a century.