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swamp / болото, топь
имя существительное
swamp, marsh, bog, quagmire, morass, backwater
swamp, bog, marsh, slough, fen, morass
имя прилагательное
swamp, marshy, fenny, uliginous, paludal
marshy, swampy, squishy, boggy, swamp, sour
overwhelm, swamp, pile, engulf, ingulf
flood, perfuse, drown, swamp, overflow, bathe
flood, inundate, submerge, overflow, swamp, drown
fall asleep, sleep, go off, swamp, fire, engulf
имя существительное
an area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects; a bog or marsh.
They usually breed in marshes and brushy swamps with some open water, dense, low vegetation, and perches for singing.
overwhelm or flood with water.
a huge wave swamped the canoes
But the new wave threatening to swamp the tsunami-affected nations of Asia is aid.
In New Orleans, the Army Corps of Engineers raced to patch the city's fractured levee system for fear the additional rain from Rita could swamp the walls and flood the city all over again.
the ceaseless deluge had turned the lawn into a swamp
It has recently been suggested that a deck hatch was missing from the Solway Harvester and this could have allowed water to swamp the hold, sinking the boat in minutes.
the ceaseless deluge had turned the lawn into a swamp
The area of low-lying swamp or marsh, as revealed through archaeology, is shown in brown.
Little swamp marsh islands dotted the river between the two hills.
the life boat somehow did not swamp, but made it to shore
Visit ponds, swamps , fragile marshes, and pretty beaches along the Chesapeake, or fish the area's many streams and rivers.
The other key thing was I think in Sydney when the boat swamped , and Frank Dennis here sort of left the boat and deserted us and swam over to the bank, and we could have all drowned, and he just left us.