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swallowtail / раздвоенный хвост, фрак
имя существительное
раздвоенный хвост
tail-coat, tails, evening dress, tail, swallowtail, dress-coat
имя существительное
a large brightly colored butterfly with taillike projections (suggestive of a swallow's tail) on the hind wings.
Citrus attracts the swallowtail butterfly , and the larvae resemble bird droppings, but you will want to leave the young alone for the sake of future butterflies.
a deeply forked tail; a thing resembling such a tail in shape.
swallowtail suits
a black swallowtail coat
An acute awareness of butterflies, which she developed after a brief encounter with a swallowtail in New Mexico, has convinced her that butterflies add a luminous dimension to one's life.
They all look slightly ridiculous in their epaulets and tin pot hats and braided swallowtail coats.
swallowtail suits
Eyeing a green-banded swallowtail fluttering above him, Samson takes a running leap and with a deft swoop of his net catches the iridescent butterfly.
The refuge provides shelter and habitat for more than 300 butterfly species, including the zebra longwing, pipevine swallowtail , julia, and Mexican blue wing.
Meanwhile, most fish, birds, and reptiles still have four kinds of cones, and some butterflies, like the Japanese yellow swallowtail , have five.
Well, it turned out to be a common tiger swallowtail , but I decided that I wanted to get into collecting, too.
This species is endemic to the Western Ghats and is considered the rarest and endangered swallowtail .
The students also sighted the endangered species of butterflies such as the Southern Birdwing, Malabar branded swallowtail and the Malabar Rose during the camp.