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swale / трясина, болотистая низина, топь
имя существительное
quagmire, bog, morass, mire, swale, slough
болотистая низина
swamp, bog, marsh, slough, fen, swale
имя существительное
a low or hollow place, especially a marshy depression between ridges.
At the locality in question, cast-dipping beds of the Middle Permian Park City and Phosphoria Formations form a succession of low ridges and intervening swales .
We hypothesized that the abundance of adult trees would be lower in the grass-dominated swales .
Stormwater harvesting methods including swales (earth contour banks), underground Atlantis soakage tanks and mulch supplied by Indigenous Landscapes.
Eagle Ridge is a muscular course, with bulging mounds and sinewy swales framing the targets at every turn.
In the New World, it generally occurs in wet habitats that have been recently disturbed, such as rice or other agricultural fields, river flood plains, drainage ditches, roadside ditches and swales , and wetland mitigation ponds.
If you choose this as your option, then swales , culverts, and drain fields may need to be figured into your plans.
The habitat for Melanthium is wet-mesic prairie located in swales or along streams.
The highway dips and weaves as it follows the contours of the terrace; the motorcyclist disappears in the swales only to reappear again as he crests a rise.
The undisturbed forest was criss-crossed by natural swales that drained runoff to a wetland in the valley north of the site.
Landscaping involved land leveling by lowering ridges and filling swales and was undertaken in connection with the construction of plazas and other special-use areas within most Mississippian centers.
Instead of installing an expensive storm water system of pipes and treatment plants, rainwater will be channeled into plant-filed swales that will slowly clean the runoff before depositing it into the Rouge River.