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swag / добыча, пожитки, награбленное добро
имя существительное
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, swag
belongings, possessions, things, swag, trap
награбленное добро
loot, booty, plunder, spoil, swag
swing, swag
имя существительное
a curtain or piece of fabric fastened so as to hang in a drooping curve.
In fact, to listen to her, you would think the flesh hung from her shoulders like swags from a curtain rail.
money or goods taken by a thief or burglar.
their homes offer tempting swag for burglars
a traveler's or miner's bundle of personal belongings.
During the Depression when you were a young girl, a very young girl in fact, of course this was still a period when men with swags walked the country roads in search of a job, in search of a meal.
arrange in or decorate with a swag or swags of fabric.
swag the fabric gracefully over the curtain tie-backs
travel with one's personal belongings in a bundle.
swagging it in Queensland
hang heavily.
the crinkly old hide swags here and there
Local studios and companies sponsor the holes and provide swag , spirits and food.
The native of Sydney, Australia, made his American debut in 1957 at Memorial Park, where Palmer carried off that year's Houston Open trophy and swag .
To put it bluntly, I get a swag of emails from league fans - including fans living in Brisbane - who think the Broncos are ‘up themselves!’
Nothing gets a teacher's attention like free swag for her/his students.
garden machinery is the most popular swag
He's come up with a swag of preliminary figures and tables on who votes informal - and why.
On Saturday, July 3rd, for the third straight year, publishers big and small banded together under the banner of free swag for everyone.
You bet it is, and I'm sure anyone who has ever left one of those co-op job fairs with enough swag to redecorate their living room will back me up on this.
swag the fabric gracefully over the curtain tie-backs
The biggest danger when an incumbent president hits the money trail is that his quest for campaign swag will put him in close proximity with donors who want special favors from the government.