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swaddle / пеленать, запеленать, свивать
swaddle, diaper, swathe, enswathe
twist, swaddle, ball, wreathe, twine, lay
имя существительное
swaddle, swaddling-bands, swaddling-clothes
napkins, swaddle, pampers, swaddling-bands, swaddling-clothes
начальный период развития
swaddle, swaddling-clothes, swaddling-bands
wrap (someone, especially a baby) in garments or cloth.
she swaddled the baby tightly
Baby Wrapping for Beginners, by Andrea Sarvady, teaches how to swaddle and sling your baby in creative style.
Every baby I would swaddle would end up busting out of his bundle and crying his damn little head off, limbs flailing and clawing at the air.
Most rural and low-income women breastfeed, wrap, and swaddle their babies, sometimes for as long as two years.
I hold him and try to hug him and remember how the nurses swaddled him tightly when he was born, bound him so he would feel secure.
Children were swaddled with various methods, depending on the region.
In one case, Leonarde even proved a more vigilant caregiver than Huguette, when she uncovered Claude at night after Huguette had swaddled him too tightly.
They are tightly swaddled when in their cribs and carried by their mothers.
Even newborn babies were not washed, and until the eighteenth century they were swaddled in bands of cloth that were changed twice a day at most.
Monty returned with the baby swaddled and pinkly clean.
She was gone before her baby was properly swaddled , and her name was just about all Virginie knew of her.