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swab / тампон, мазок, швабра
имя существительное
tampon, swab, pledget, sponge, pack, wick
smear, swab, stroke, brushstroke, touch, daub
mop, swab, bear, swob
мыть шваброй
mop, swab, swab down, swob, mop out
подтирать шваброй
swab, swab up, swob
имя существительное
an absorbent pad or piece of material used in surgery and medicine for cleaning wounds, applying medication, or taking specimens.
During the exam, your doctor may apply a cotton-tipped swab to the area to see if it is painful.
a mop or other absorbent device for cleaning or mopping up a floor or other surface.
clean (a wound or surface) with a swab.
swabbing down the decks
My doctor friends came with the First-Aid Team, and forewarned that it's going to hurt when they wipe the wound with the wet swab .
swab a patch of skin with alcohol
Pull firmly and steadily on the tick until it lets go, then swab the bite site with alcohol.
The FDA also has approved use of a new rapid oral HIV test kit, which provides results within 20 minutes using material collected from an oral swab .
Take cap off of heparin vial and clean with alcohol swab .
In the Internet café, the manager sat with a giant tub of antiseptic wipes at her elbow, ready to swab down mouse and keyboard after each use.
Two days ago a urethral swab was sent from the genitourinary medicine department taken from my patient.
swab a patch of skin with alcohol
At least it's right manly of you to help try to swab up the vomit all these watery sea-sickening miles later.
They came to that conclusion by actually weighing the fouling removed after cleaning with a dry swab .