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susurration / шепот, легкий шорох
имя существительное
whisper, whispering, murmur, susurration
легкий шорох
the susurration of the river
Something beautiful but so far away-like the music of a faraway violin or the susurration of a distant wave.
Dawn is diluting darkness from the sky and it's difficult to distinguish between the susurration of the surf and the swishing whisper of the casuarinas around us.
It settled to the ground with a soft susurration like stirring leaves.
Niagara's recurring invocation of the sound of water, the susurration and crashing of the falls, brings Rhys consciously, at first inexplicably, to mind.
And there came, like the dry susurrus of wind before thunder peals and lightning, a great rustle of excitement.