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sustenance / средства к существованию, поддержание, поддержка
имя существительное
средства к существованию
livelihood, subsistence, means of subsistence, sustenance, living, maintenance
maintenance, sustenance, sustentation
support, maintenance, backing, aid, endorsement, sustenance
имя существительное
food and drink regarded as a source of strength; nourishment.
poor rural economies turned to potatoes for sustenance
For people with binge eating disorder, at first food may provide sustenance or comfort, but later it's the focus of incredible guilt and distress.
However, when the two come together in a market-driven world, it can transform itself into the best source of sustenance especially for a television channel.
he kept two or three cows for the sustenance of his family
There are many words, many lines, that stick and stay in my memory, that provide a certain comfort, connection, sustenance .
Every individual has an input and part to play in the creation and sustenance of democracy.
They inherited a tradition of faith and fatherland which gave them strength and sustenance wherever life took them.
The Association argued that this definition would include non-military assistance and humanitarian aid such as medical assistance, sustenance and disaster relief.
They steal the olives and destroy the olive trees - the village's main source of sustenance .
The craving for food, liquid sustenance , was so strong that when I was visualizing the food, I felt like I could reach out and grab them.
There was only one source of sustenance for this kind of visual appetite in the textile town of Bohain-en-Vermandois, where Matisse spent his first twenty years.