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suspensory / суспензорий, поддерживающая повязка
имя существительное
jockstrap, suspensory
поддерживающая повязка
имя прилагательное
supporting, sustaining, backer, suspensory
имя прилагательное
holding and supporting an organ or part.
a suspensory ligament
of or relating to the deferral or suspension of an event, action, or legal obligation.
a suspensory requirement
The suspensory ligament of the right ovary is identified in this section.
He then missed more time with a pulled suspensory ligament.
He later pulled a suspensory muscle in a leg while preparing for his return earlier this year.
Actions brought before the Court of Justice shall not have suspensory effect.
However, where companies are determined to press ahead, and can show good reason, the suspensory effect of the Regulation may be set aside on application to the Commission.
The colt, who was sidelined from racing for a year from September 2001 to this September after tearing a suspensory ligament in his left front leg, fractured the splint bone and chipped a piece of the sesamsoid bone in the same leg.
The $20 million suspensory loan that has been represented as being a generous offer by the Government should have been made available last year.