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suspension / подвеска, суспензия, приостановка
имя существительное
suspension, pendant, hanger, pendent, drop, pod
suspense, suspension, delay, arrest, catch, letup
имя прилагательное
suspension, suspended, pendant, hanging, overhead, pendulous
hanging, pendant, suspension, suspended, pendent, pendulous
имя существительное
the action of suspending someone or something or the condition of being suspended, in particular.
Together with his son Nathaniel, a canon of the cathedral, he remained a staunch royalist, opposing the suspension of services during the Civil War.
the system of springs and shock absorbers by which a vehicle is cushioned from road conditions.
the car's rear suspension
a mixture in which particles are dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid.
a suspension of corn starch in peanut oil
The resulting balance combined with front and rear double wishbone suspension and concentrated stiffness and rigidity is almost flawless.
the suspension of military action
Officials stress that suspension is normal procedure in the circumstances.
The four-game suspension of RB Travis Henry will mean more carries for Chris Brown.
a suspension of corn starch in peanut oil
There are no modifications to the brakes, suspension , steering or interior; even Works wheels are extra.
There's willing suspension of disbelief, but there's also a limit thereto.
More often than not, the soapy agent holds soil in suspension as it becomes loose during the wash cycle, and is subsequently flushed away during the rinse cycle and centrifugal spin.
It does not dissolve the latex particles, but disperses them in suspension .
Each note, once sounded, is held on, to produce a grinding multiple suspension over a quasitonic E at the sixth bar.