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suspend / приостанавливать, подвешивать, откладывать
suspend, stay, cease, arrest
hang, suspend, hang up, swing, sling
save, put off, delay, postpone, defer, suspend
временно отстранять
временно прекращать
temporarily prevent from continuing or being in force or effect.
work on the dam was suspended
hang (something) from somewhere.
the light was suspended from the ceiling
(of solid particles) be dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid.
the paste contains collagen suspended in a salt solution
The traders have been forced to temporarily suspend trading as they do not want any more clients to fall into this black hole.
The market might be saturated, but it matters little for these ubiquitous hawkers, who can't even temporarily suspend or postpone their requirements of daily sustenance.
Cannier SME owners will suspend judgement until they see what real changes emerge in the kind of deals their banks are prepared to offer.
Recently Ryanair was forced to temporarily suspend services on its Strasbourg / London route.
While we ultimately know this film is a mockumentary, these techniques allow us to temporarily suspend our disbelief.
Mainly, I feel I must suspend any judgement until next weekend, just because so much could change in the time remaining.
Mitch, and possibly Harley, would be immediately suspended indefinitely.
When the shutter of your camera opens for that fraction of a second, photons of light stream in and strike the silver halide grains suspended in the gelatin emulsion.
This sets up a chemical reaction which turns the gas into nitric acid and the nitric acid is neutralised by calcium carbonate which is also suspended in the paint.
Bunches of dried flowers hang from walls and ceiling; an ancient bird cage is suspended from a beam and a wooden hat-stand reminds us of years gone by.