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susceptibility / восприимчивость, чувствительность, впечатлительность
имя существительное
susceptibility, receptivity, sensibility, perceptivity, impressionability, recipiency
sensitivity, sensibility, susceptibility, sensitiveness, responsiveness, feeling
impressionability, susceptibility, impressibility
имя существительное
the state or fact of being likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing.
lack of exercise increases susceptibility to disease
the ratio of magnetization to a magnetizing force.
At each step the magnetic susceptibility was measured to detect possible mineralogical transformations.
Around five to ten per cent of breast cancer cases are women with a hereditary genetic susceptibility to the disease.
Increased size of the adenoids causes breathing problems and also susceptibility to infections.
The HIV infection causes increased susceptibility to infections that are usually harmless to healthy people.
Much more commonly, genes are believed only to contribute to a person's susceptibility to the disease.
Magnetic susceptibility is only slightly decreased by silicon, copper and magnesium, but depends mostly on manganese content.
This will improve air circulation and reduce susceptibility to pests.
Informing people of their genetic susceptibility to disease may motivate them to change their behaviour to reduce their risks.
As well as affecting the way we judge other people, moods also influence our susceptibility to weak arguments.
Information on clinical details and outcome was obtained and antibiotic susceptibility of the isolates studied.
Fifteen questions were included to assess perceived susceptibility and perceived seriousness of cervical cancer.