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survive / выживать, пережить, уцелеть
survive, outlive, pull through, get through, overlive, supplant
survive, live through, outlive, outlast, live out, get over
continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.
against all odds the child survived
Busby suffered extensive injuries and was the only club official to survive the crash.
Two of the old soldiers saw fit to advise me on how to survive my approaching ordeal.
Remedial work has now been undertaken and a small population continues to survive there.
she had to work day and night and survive on two hours sleep
It is one thing to survive a terrible ordeal and another to learn to live with the fallout.
How can it be possible that there are people, especially children, who live or survive in these conditions?
You learn how to wake up at the slightest sound and survive on less sleep than Mrs Thatcher.
Frosh week was when I learned how to survive on one hour of sleep and still have a fantastic day.
The couple returned to thank local Thais who helped them survive the ordeal.
The American economy can take many shocks and it will still survive somehow because of its tremendous depth.