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surveyor / геодезист, инспектор, землемер
имя существительное
surveyor, geodesist
inspector, surveyor, supervisor, examiner, controller, visitor
surveyor, locator, land-surveyor
имя существительное
a person who surveys, especially one whose profession is the surveying of land.
Chartered building surveyors will examine a property (particularly older ones) for structural damage such as subsidence, dry and wet rot and leaking roofs.
имя существительное
a series of unmanned US spacecraft sent to the moon between 1966 and 1968, five of which successfully made soft landings.
Should we hire a marine surveyor to inspect the boat once it's returned to us?
a marine surveyor
On the positive side, our buyers are sticking with the programme, and have appointed a new surveyor .
This new website can book them a berth in a marina, get them an insurance quote and identify the nearest marine surveyor .
The fitting shown above was reduced to something resembling Swiss cheese by stray current, according to the surveyor who examined it.
Darwen's top building surveyor enjoyed a pint to mark his retirement.
A surveyor 's report found that the smallpox isolation hospital at Winterburn was in a poor state.
Members agreed to instruct the surveyor to make his report and would make a final decision based on that report.
I do not have the expertise and for this reason I would like an independent surveyor to be appointed.
Arrange to have the surveyor on board when the boat is sea trialed so running systems can be checked underway.