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surveillance / наблюдение, надзор
имя существительное
observation, supervision, surveillance, watch, notice, remark
supervision, oversight, surveillance, control, charge, superintendence
имя существительное
close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.
he found himself put under surveillance by military intelligence
We are putting all our sources of surveillance and intelligence together to catch him.
It is understood police had the suspects under surveillance for weeks before the robbery.
Terrorism has to be fought with knowledge, with surveillance and intelligence.
he found himself put under surveillance by British military intelligence
he found himself put under surveillance by military intelligence
I've had issues with the levels of surveillance that are appearing in the UK for quite a while now.
An unpolitical lad is blackmailed by the police into doing undercover surveillance in a mosque.
He says the government cheated him out of money and claims to be under surveillance by the FBI.
The boat used was under constant surveillance from the time it entered United Kingdom waters.
This was despite the fact that all nine suspects were under constant surveillance .