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surrounding / окрестный, близлежащий, соседний
имя прилагательное
surrounding, local, environing
nearby, neighboring, surrounding, near, neighbouring
neighboring, neighbor, adjacent, nearby, next, surrounding
имя прилагательное
all around a particular place or thing.
the surrounding countryside
be all around (someone or something).
the hotel is surrounded by its own gardens
Rebels and government soldiers still clash almost daily in the countryside and surrounding towns.
She also said extra noise and congestion, along with the effect on visual amenity, would have an adverse effect on surrounding homes.
From the top, wonderful views can be had of the surrounding countryside.
Many in the surrounding community pitched in to help.
Parking will be free in the surrounding lots.
This process localizes tissue destruction to the cancer without damaging surrounding or deep tissues.
The hall attracts more than 70,000 visitors a year, with the surrounding park attracting more than 200,000.
Of course, we need some predictability in our lives - otherwise we'd require some heavy medication to deal with the surrounding chaos.
Once the glue bond has relaxed, pull one of the side sections loose from the surrounding floor.
On most of these developments the council appears to be very strict on what design should be acceptable with the surrounding properties.