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surround / окружить, окружать, осаждать
surround, besiege, double upon, troop round
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, envelop
besiege, precipitate, beset, deposit, beleaguer, surround
be all around (someone or something).
the hotel is surrounded by its own gardens
имя существительное
a thing that forms a border or edging around an object.
an oak fireplace surround
he loves to surround himself with family and friends
an oak fireplace surround
an oak fireplace surround
To the left is the sitting room, which is decorated in cream and includes an antique-style fireplace with a tiled surround and inset, as well as a wooden mantelpiece.
Restaurants, bars and hotels could surround the water.
The grounds which surround the development will be landscaped to include a barbecue, children's playground, a fountain and green spaces.
Fire damage was confined to the door's wooden surround and floor boards.
Beside this, the single room includes a cast-iron open fireplace with tiled surround .
Armed police had to surround their house in order to facilitate their release.
The living room has ceiling cornicing and an open fireplace with carved mahogany surround .