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surrogacy / суррогатное
суррогатное материнство
surrogate motherhood
имя существительное
the action or state of being a surrogate.
Both commercial surrogacy and posthumous parenthood require social approval and state assistance.
I am very sleepy but I heard on the news this morning that commercial surrogacy is being outlawed.
The poverty of Blackford's position is evident in his attitude to gestational surrogacy .
surrogacy is frequently denounced as exploitation
We looked into adoption, surrogacy and even fostering.
The main purpose of the 1985 Act is to ensure that commercial surrogacy is illegal.
In this rejoinder, I want to comment on Blackford's specific criticisms of my position on commercial surrogacy before placing my own views on this particular subject within a broader context.
This bill allows for things like surrogacy - but not commercial surrogacy .
In surrogacy , one woman (the surrogate or host mother) carries a child for another as the result of an agreement (before conception) that the child should be handed over after birth.
A ‘soft’ form of baby selling has already crept in under the rubric of contractual surrogacy .