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surname / фамилия, прозвище
имя существительное
surname, name, family name, second name, cognomen
nickname, sobriquet, surname, alias, cognomen, byname
давать фамилию
давать прозвище
nickname, surname, christen, dub
имя существительное
a hereditary name common to all members of a family, as distinct from a given name.
Many people who have Hispanic surnames are not Hispanic.
give a surname to.
Eddie Penham, so aptly surnamed, had produced a hand-painted sign for us
He never uses his real surname and does not intend to do so.
He had refused to stick with his father's surname when his parents got divorced.
The most common surname , not surprisingly, is Smith, with 165,000 listed.
Simeon of the pillar, by surname Stylites
Most villages employed a smith and it became the most common surname in England.
by his successes there, he acquired the surname of “the African.”
Not long after their arrival there, Mateo was referred to by another title - his surname changed from Ortega to DiBaena, in reference to their home town.
Ó Murchú is my surname
Generally, though, I have no problem with children having the father's surname .
His first cousin is the town clerk, and his surname appears on the local Civil War monument.