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surmount / преодолевать, перевалить, увенчивать
overcome, surmount, cover, negotiate, get over, conquer
cross, surmount, top
crown, surmount, crest
overcome (a difficulty or obstacle).
all manner of cultural differences were surmounted
stand or be placed on top of.
the tomb was surmounted by a sculptured angel
This, along with certain features of its design, has led to the conjecture that it was intended to surmount a tomb on which more facts would have been inscribed but that this part of the plan was abandoned.
Hill was able to surmount major obstacles like environmental testing of the sediments.
Only considerable skill in narrative can surmount the difficulty of this complete change of tone within the limits of one book.
To keep growing at its current pace, Houghton must surmount some formidable challenges.
Yoplait had a stab at chocolate in the late 1980s, but new technologies finally allowed its researchers to surmount the obstacles in adding the flavor to cultured dairy.
Four towers surmount the corners of the building.
Determining user context will require software designers to surmount serious engineering hurdles, however.
Access to this market would rely on those exporters that can surmount the challenges.
Moreover, a syndicate bank will find it difficult to surmount the usual exclusion clauses and disclaimers inserted in the documentation.
Even if the Tories could surmount their self-inflicted difficulties, their position on public spending differs little from Labour.