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surmise / догадка, предположение, подозрение
имя существительное
guess, conjecture, surmise, guesstimate, inkling
assumption, hypothesis, supposition, guess, speculation, surmise
suspicion, hunch, distrust, mistrust, surmise, suss
assume, guess, suppose, expect, suspect, surmise
suspect, think, doubt, surmise, mistrust, distrust
высказывать догадку
имя существительное
a supposition that something may be true, even though there is no evidence to confirm it.
Charles was glad to have his surmise confirmed
suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it.
he surmised that something must be wrong
all these observations remain surmise
all these observations remain surmise
Her book is rich in intelligent surmise but thin on supporting evidence.
We are just looking ahead, and trying to make an intelligent surmise about who will be the next leader of the country.
He blends surmise , fact and hypothesis with impressive ease, resisting the temptation to sink into melodrama.
Ben Franklin gave his own surmise as to the aptness of the rattler as a symbol.
Charles was glad to have his surmise confirmed
Perhaps it is the educated surmise that in large cities the rat population equals or exceeds the human.
This surmise is strengthened by the way his name is written out formally on the picture, including the surname.
As an educationist, her surmise is that literacy had failed to free women from their predicament of subordination.