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surgical / хирургический
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or used in surgery.
a surgical dressing
denoting something done with great precision, especially a swift and highly accurate military attack from the air.
surgical bombing
Despite all the talk of precision bombing and surgical strikes, ‘collateral damage’ is reaching an embarrassing level.
There are no randomized prospective studies available comparing expectant management to early surgical intervention.
Patients should be cautioned that surgical treatment may not resolve pain.
Early surgical excision is the treatment of choice.
Operations are sometimes referred to as surgery, or surgical procedures.
to have a surgical procedure
In the UK, an appliance means a surgical garment allowing hernia sufferers to walk about unaided.
These include cuts in waiting times for cataract operations, an improved critical care unit, better surgical wards and improvements to the day surgery and treatment unit.
We performed every kind of surgery in the surgical unit, including cesarean sections.
Still, new surgical techniques and better drugs to prevent islet cell rejection are showing promise.