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surgery / хирургия, кабинет врача с аптекой, приемная врача с аптекой
имя существительное
кабинет врача с аптекой
приемная врача с аптекой
имя существительное
the treatment of injuries or disorders of the body by incision or manipulation, especially with instruments.
cardiac surgery
a place where a doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner treats or advises patients.
Literature will be available from libraries, GP surgeries , hospitals and dentists.
It is hoping to open on Saturday mornings as well as holding a late surgery one weekday evening.
Doctor Bailey had finished his evening surgery
As expected, surgery , emergency medicine, and obstetrics were the medical specialties of the physicians named in these suits.
He became involved in all branches of surgery in South Manchester and Christie Hospitals.
Mngani said the current internship covers three or four domains such as internal medicine, surgery , obstetrics and gynaecology.
Lasers are used in a variety of situations in medicine and surgery .
After her first miscarriage Sue had to quit her job in a dentists' surgery .
However, at the actual vet's surgery he was very quiet and settled down nicely.
he had surgery on his ankle
Three Salford GPs will carry out the surgery in sessions held two or three times a week.