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surfing / серфинг
имя существительное
surfing, surfriding
имя существительное
the sport or pastime of riding a wave toward the shore while standing or lying on a surfboard.
His perception of surfing is as the sport and lifestyle should be, positively happy.
stand or lie on a surfboard and ride on a wave toward the shore.
learning to surf
Though it sounds intimidating at first, Addison insists that river surfing is an accessible sport with the right introduction, which he gives.
The power and performance level that Laird has brought into the sport of surfing is unparalleled.
What they gave us is their snapshot look at contemporary surfing , for good or ill.
Her parents moved over to the islands in the late sixties and fell in love with the sport of surfing .
The sport that mixes elements of kite flying, wind surfing and surfing has grown rapidly over the past five years.
surfing the net
This was, of course, the one period in surfing which saw the most radical change.
As the final went on, perhaps an hour in length, the present and future of surfing were on display.
Riding boards in a prone position has been around probably longer than stand-up surfing .
Coffs Harbour is a pretty little town in which surfing is the sport of choice.