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surfeit / избыток, неумеренность, пресыщение
имя существительное
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, surfeit
excess, surfeit
satiation, satiety, surfeit, repletion, glut, gorge
over, surplus, excess, overage, superfluity, surfeit
overeating, surfeit
satiate, glut, cloy, pall, pall on, surfeit
pall, surfeit
overeat, overfeed, surfeit
overeat, gorge, stuff, engorge, overfeed, surfeit
overfeed, surfeit
имя существительное
an excessive amount of something.
a surfeit of food and drink
cause (someone) to desire no more of something as a result of having consumed or done it to excess.
I am surfeited with shopping
Despite a deficit of information and a surfeit of speculation about this tragic incident, the mainstream media did not hesitate to jump to all the familiar, poisonous conclusions.
As someone with a surfeit of embarrassing '80s hairstyle photo evidence I am all in favour of today's youth facing similar consequences.
he died of a surfeit
There is nothing in the income tax legislation that precludes people from paying extra taxes as they want to, voluntarily, and I am sure Treasury would not be embarrassed by a surfeit of cheques.
That's no mean boast, since there's a surfeit of super-featherweight talent around.
While Christmas on my own has been immensely relaxing, you may be able to ascertain that I'm getting to the stage where a surfeit of my own company means that as soon as I sit down at a keyboard and start to type, a sudden verbal splurge results.
The silence was not due to moral paucity, but to a surfeit of principle - one must never, under any circumstances, compromise one's political neutrality.
There is a surfeit of news these days - a string of dramatic, violent, terrible events being played out almost simultaneously in different parts of the world.
The newly promoted person may also attempt to minimize the status difference through self-deprecation and a surfeit of leniency toward the new supervisees.
It is a moot point whether corporations and companies that sink so much into supporting televised sport in the form of commercials are really benefiting in this age of a surfeit of everything, from goods to sport.