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surfboard / доска для серфинга, серфборд
имя существительное
доска для серфинга
заниматься серфингом
surf, surfboard
имя существительное
a long, narrow streamlined board used in surfing.
The beach butlers also can arrange for Boogie boards and surfboards if you'd rather stay atop the waves.
Use a lot of strength in this maneuver, so as to spear the surfboard through the wave.
The sand is black, it was very hot and sunny and if we had taken a surfboard we could have surfed on the waves.
When I was that kid I couldn't wait to get a surfboard , go to Hawaii, and get lost in the surfing life.
Find an old surfboard that is big for your size and floats you well.
The thieves got away with six wetsuits, an expensive surfboard , a mountain bike and a mountain board, designed to be towed along beaches by a kite.
Since I was on a bodyboard and he was on a surfboard , he could cover a little more distance.
First came surfboards , and right on the heels of that came surf trunks and wetsuits.
It was during this period that Zuma started getting a lot of surfboards .
We used to live in Yup Central, and every spring there would be discarded surfboards on certain trash days.
As with shaping or glassing surfboards , there is nothing like trying it yourself for a truly humbling experience.