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surface / поверхность, наружная поверхность, внешняя сторона
имя существительное
surface, area, side, superficies
наружная поверхность
surface, superficies
внешняя сторона
exterior, surface, facade, exteriority
имя прилагательное
surface, superficial, sketchy, shallow, cursory, perfunctory
external, outer, foreign, outside, outdoor, surface
surface, overwater, above-water
float, emerge, surface, arise, bob up
всплывать на поверхность
surface, resurface
отделывать поверхность
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or occurring on the upper or outer part of something.
surface workers at the copper mines
имя существительное
the outside part or uppermost layer of something (often used when describing its texture, form, or extent).
the earth's surface
a continuous set of points that has length and breadth but no thickness.
Among closed surfaces , spherical, flat, and hyperbolic geometry are mutually exclusive.
rise or come up to the surface of the water or the ground.
he surfaced from his dive
provide (something, especially a road) with a particular upper or outer layer.
a small path surfaced with terra-cotta tiles
Mrs Mountford said the final houses had been built on the estate last September and the developer had promised to surface the roads but no progress had been made.
It's only because of this carefree approach to life that this crime-ridden society appears on the surface to be normal.
The only Navy left should be a fleet of submarines and a few surface ships on par with Coast Guard cutters.
City of York Council chiefs said the work had to be done because the road surface was in such poor condition.
Rumors surface periodically that he's on the way out.
If he wants to be a surface ship killer, he can choose a variant that allows him to do that.
Add just enough flour to the rolling surface to keep the dough from sticking.
Some objects reflect more or less light because of their surface texture or color.
It's ultimately the responsibility of the submarine to remain clear of surface vessels.
Peatlands have a well-developed surface layer that has been described as having as many as six sub-units within it.