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surf / прибой, буруны, бурун
имя существительное
surf, wash, swash
breaker, surf, roller
заниматься серфингом
surf, surfboard
имя существительное
the mass or line of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore or reef.
the roar of the surf
stand or lie on a surfboard and ride on a wave toward the shore.
learning to surf
I love it here, but I miss my old friends and how I could surf everyday.
the device allows you to surf the Net and send emails
I got up early this morning in the hope to have a surf before work - only to find that it was dead flat here at Llandudno.
On the northeast coast, there were reports of massive waves and thundering surf .
After a few seconds of network initialisation, you have a GPRS link and you can surf the Internet slowly but serviceably.
It is a waste to let good waves be ridden incompetently, so surfers push harder to surf better.
We just stand there, listening to the thundering surf .
He looks over the pounding surf with an evil smile, and then we hear him thinking.
the roar of the surf
They had come just to watch the surf pounding in here right now.