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surely / конечно, несомненно, уверенно
of course, certainly, sure, surely, naturally, clearly
undoubtedly, certainly, doubtless, beyond doubt, no doubt, surely
confidently, surely, masterfully, unhesitatingly, with decision
used to emphasize the speaker's firm belief that what they are saying is true and often their surprise that there is any doubt of this.
if there is no will, then surely the house goes automatically to you
with assurance or confidence.
no one knows how to move the economy quickly and surely in that direction
no one knows how to move the economy quickly and surely in that direction
This may or not be so, but in a debate about changing the law to make it more effective, it is surely the wrong emphasis.
If they don't do this they are surely failing in their duties of surveillance.
Such beliefs surely had deeper roots than the experience of war in North America.
Today, as all recent Old Firm managers of substance have done, he will surely deliver a trophy in his first season.
People say that the greatest geniuses are always the most troubled and this is surely true of comedians.
She wanted no home, but she knew that if she continued, he would surely die out here.
Yes, this will surely fail but we have to be careful that he doesn't try it again.
His views on the proper basicality of belief in God surely do not commit him to thinking that faith and reason conflict.
If this is true, surely it has its own rights, including the right to live.