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surcharge / доплата, приплата, дополнительный налог
имя существительное
surcharge, excess fare
surcharge, extra, additional payment, extra pay, excess fare, over
дополнительный налог
взимать дополнительный налог
exact, surcharge
имя существительное
an additional charge or payment.
we guarantee that no surcharges will be added to the cost of your trip
a mark printed on a postage stamp changing its value.
exact an additional charge or payment from.
retailers will be able to surcharge credit-card users
mark (a postage stamp) with a surcharge.
If you're caught, your insurance surcharge will be much higher.
Clients who want all organic meat and vegetables can expect to pay a surcharge .
I was saying though, that if you increase the Medicare surcharge , the government is able to increase rebates.
Road tax will be abolished and the loss of revenue will be compensated for with an additional surcharge on fuel.
All prices are fully inclusive of taxes and the insurance surcharge .
retailers will be able to surcharge credit-card users
Plans for a £5 surcharge on speeding tickets to fund victim support services came under fire last night.
They should give us a rebate for not needing the NHS, not surcharge us for relieving them of their responsibilities!
If the 10 per cent surcharge is added, the effective rate will be 27.5 per cent.
If the auditor finds against officers and councillors involved in the failed theme park deal, he could surcharge them for wasting tax-payers' money.