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supreme / высший, верховный, высочайший
имя прилагательное
higher, supreme, top, high, upper, superior
supreme, sovereign, high, paramount, imperial, suzerain
supreme, superlative
имя прилагательное
(of authority or an office, or someone holding it) superior to all others.
a unified force with a supreme commander
имя существительное
a rich cream sauce.
There are two powers, young man, which reign supreme in human affairs.
It was also entirely possible, although I don't recall, that the president would also have to put his signature on a document as the supreme authority in the Niger regime.
I was lucky in that I already knew about half the people there, but it seemed very easy to wander up and talk to the ones I didn't know, primarily because of the supreme efforts of our host and his team of helpers to make us feel at home.
I think the Supreme Court, and indeed the Indian constitution, should be the supreme authority over interpretation of laws.
All were open, written, sovereign authorizations by supreme authorities, and all employed a common medieval legal formula and language.
My father was born in Laos in 1952, when the monarchy ruled supreme there.
Picture the world of the 1980s, a world where Reagan and anti-communist propaganda reigned supreme .
The commanders in chief exercised supreme authority in their respective zones and acted in concert on questions affecting the whole country.
Would you be willing, as supreme commander, to share intelligence with Bulgaria?
I've always found it a matter of supreme irony that she shares my name.