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suppress / подавлять, пресекать, сдерживать
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, depress
suppress, stop, put an end to
hold back, restrain, constrain, curb, contain, suppress
forcibly put an end to.
the uprising was savagely suppressed
During the first, some were asked to express feelings of anger and others were asked to suppress those feelings.
Currently, people with severe uveitis must take steroids or other drugs that suppress the immune system to control the inflammation.
Whether anger is triggered by external events such as traffic jams, or by internal worrying, researchers are still unsure if it's healthier to express or suppress the emotion.
This book is here to try and help you figure out ways to suppress the feelings of depression following someone's death.
Instead of promoting justice in the case, his reaction, along with a group of newspaper editors, has been to suppress information about the case.
Your drug regimen will include immunosuppressants - drugs that suppress the activity of your immune system.
Spark plug wires that suppress electro-magnetic interference are a necessity in our electronics-rich race cars, but these wires can degrade over time.
If they do, people will start protests, and brutal conservatives will savagely suppress them.
Never once does he threaten to overpower or suppress them.
He couldn't suppress a shudder and curled up like a cat on the floor.