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supposedly / предположительно, по общему мнению
presumably, supposedly, conceivably, admittedly, assumedly, supposably
по общему мнению
reputedly, supposedly
according to what is generally assumed or believed (often used to indicate that the speaker doubts the truth of the statement).
the ads are aimed at women, supposedly because they do the shopping
The rudiments of a police force now exist, supposedly being trained by Germans.
That one arm of a supposedly free press would do this to another is irony indeed.
Worst of all, a company with supposedly growing sales was actually slipping backwards.
Anyway, all of the supposedly positive aspects of autumn are dragged up by us as September kicks in.
Even the policemen who arrived there supposedly on the call of duty turned a blind eye.
The first indication it had supposedly happened was a look of frozen horror as he took his first bite.
For an economy that has supposedly abolished boom and bust, those are pretty big moves and of the bust type.
Prehistoric art shows magical rites which supposedly ensured successful hunting.
It's supposedly a true story from a young boy who managed to escape the slums by becoming a photographer.
This is supposedly all in the name of improved efficiency and reduced costs.