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suppose / полагать, предполагать, допускать
believe, think, suppose, guess, consider, expect
assume, guess, suppose, expect, suspect, presume
admit, allow, assume, suppose, concede, permit
имя существительное
assumption, hypothesis, supposition, guess, speculation, suppose
hypothesis, speculation, suppose
assume that something is the case on the basis of evidence or probability but without proof or certain knowledge.
I suppose I got there about half past eleven
be required to do something because of the position one is in or an agreement one has made.
I'm supposed to be meeting someone at the airport
I suppose to some extent that's true.
you don't suppose I've been enjoying it, do you?
I suppose I live my life as a hermit.
I only suppose there's going to be several stitches because it was such a deep cut.
suppose we leave this to the police
On that basis, I suppose I should have ended up a cookery writer, but no matter.
I suppose I got there about half past eleven
It started as the theory of permutation groups, but now the general theory of groups does not suppose that elements of groups should be permutations.
I suppose at some point we need to start thinking about decorating the nursery.
I'm quite a good actress, I suppose