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supportive / поддержку
имя прилагательное
providing encouragement or emotional help.
the staff are extremely supportive of each other
My children have been very supportive and I babysit my grandchildren nearly every day.
There was a great team spirit and mutually supportive atmosphere.
I'd like to thank my family for being really supportive and everybody that made my record with me.
He and his family were extremely supportive of the relationship.
People are supportive and encouraging and helpful, so I feel extraordinarily fortunate.
The heartfelt words point to a man who was supportive and caring, but always full of laughter and fun.
However, personal partners and close family remain supportive .
The guides maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere with plenty of time for relaxing.
Everybody was being helpful and supportive to each other at a very difficult time.
Join the group and get to know others in a warm and supportive atmosphere.